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Vinyl record subscription service with plans to meet any budget!

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our team

Tyler Davis playing guitar

Tyler Davis

Owner | Vinyl Curator

Bri Worek

Owner | Vinyl Curator

our story

Gruuve Records started off as a small part of an existing record shop in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Founded in mid-2023 as the vinyl subscription service for Gold City House of Music, Gruuve Records has quickly grown to serve clients all over the United States, from Oregon to Florida.


The founders, Tyler Davis and Bri Worek, realized that although there were many online vinyl subscription services, none of them offered used records - until Gruuve Records. Music is the one true passion for Tyler and Bri, and as avid collectors themselves, they wanted to make it easy for new audiophiles to  begin filling their record shelves with great titles, without feeling forced to spend a fortune on new pressings.


So check out our plans today! We look forward to helping you grow your collection! 



actual unboxing by our friend Chris

actual customer


by our friend Chris

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