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Vinyl record subscription service with plans to meet any budget!

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vinyl record subscriptions. new and used.

"I honestly really liked the records you guys picked out for me. I was actually on the fence about a subscription service to begin with...You guys have excellent customer service & the shipping was fast & very well packaged."

- Spring, Subscriber, Michigan

Gruuve Records is the last stop in your search for vinyl record subscriptions. Why? Because we offer vinyl subscription plans at prices others simply can't. How? We offer new and used subscriptions - so you can grow your record collection, get great new (to you) selections every month and do it without being forced to pay the premium price for new pressings. 

Want new vinyl? We have you covered there too. We source our records from a variety of distributors, giving us access to great titles from a variety of genres, all at an excellent price point.

Whatever your vinyl needs, Gruuve has you covered. 



We know you need some time to get to know us - so we offer all our plans with the flexibility of month-to-month, cancel any time.

Month-to-Month Plans

When you subscribe to our Used Vinyl Plans, you basically get two records for the price you'd normally pay for one new pressing. 

Get More for Less

We offer discounts for members who pay upfront. Save $49/year by buying a Used Vinyl Basic yearly plan!

Commit and Save

Some artists are hard to find used, so we offer the best of both worlds with our Hybrid Plan - get new AND used in one shipment!

We Also Offer New Vinyl!

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